Danika Engineering Services Ltd.

Danika Engineering Services Ltd was incorporated back in 2013 under company act of Bangladesh.Before that we were directly involved with United CNG Ltd since 2003.We are specialist in the services of high pressure compressors manufactured by Burckhardt Compression,Safe s.r.l and Intermech.We have skills to be your alternative service and spare parts supplier.

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Danika Engineering Services Ltd is a team to provide innovative and reliable solutions for industries and energy sectors.Till date we have been providing services only for High Pressure Compressor,mostly CNG compressor but we are building capacity for any other industrial/Air Compressor services and spare parts. We always believe that we have to provide quick service and we have to do hard work by performing good technique. Our motto is to render cost effective solution to the end users.We got a specialized team to provide all type of commercial and technical support to our clients round the country. Currently we are in process to include LPG into our service & supply’s scopes.We are becoming distributors of some world renowned manufacturers and suppliers. Major scope of supply are as

Supply and develop spare parts of high pressure compressors.
Providing maintenance services for CNG refueling stations.
All kind of logistic and technical support to start CNG/LPG refueling station.
Supply of LPG conversion goods.
Supply of goods and services for LPG reticulated system.

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