CNG Products Info

1.Valve parts

We have developed different sources both OEM and non-OEM to make our own stocks or to supply readily,any kind of valve plates,springs,dampner plates etc.We have varieties for both of metallic and non-metallic(mainly PEEK material) valve internals.Till date,we have good stocks for Burckhardt,Safe s.r.l and Intermech Compressor’s valve materials but we can arrange valve materials for any other compressor if we can find proper technical data or samples.


2.Compressor components

We can supply both of OEM and non-OEM parts for the requirement of Piston,piston rods,liner/cylinders/gas jacket,heat exchangers.We have good stocks of metallic and non-metallic rings for pistons.For few parts we never compromise with the best quality supplying or OEM parts supplying as this can cause a huge operational problems.


3.O-Rings and sealing materials


4.Compressor valve